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  • This year each class will consist of a mental math practice followed by regular mathematic class with a mental math quiz each Friday starting the third week of school. Lessons, especially our mental math practices will be posted daily if possible. Extra help is available upon previous notice until 3:30 except Tuesdays and Fridays due to regular scheduled meetings and on the basis of students' efforts in class and home.
  • There is math homework every night - simply to review/practice what was done in class. Specific dates of quizes will be written in agendas and usually marked within a day or two so you can see the results quickly. All math work is to be done in pencil unless otherwise specified depending on the unit.
  • This year, students will use their graph paper notebook for their notebook as a means of organizing their math lessons in clearer manner. A red duotang for mental math, a blue duotang for any marked work and a yellow one for extra practice. These duotangs will be kept in the classroom instead of lockers but may go home at any time especially the mental math one.
  • . Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to book some tutoring time at monique.turley@nbed.nb.ca. ( Please note, tutoring will be cancelled if behavior in class previous to tutor session is not appropriate and students must want to come on their own accord.)
  • Extra help schedule pre-arranged: Wednesday 2:35 - 3:30 (unless I am pulled into a meeting)

Student Timetable Schedule


Monday, June 2nd

7A, B, C = finishing up central tendency then getting into outliers

6C = we are completing volume of rectangular prisms

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Relay For LIfe Dance Thursday Night